Queensland and the Gold Coast Regions in Australia

Queensland and the Gold Coast have long been a desired destination for travelling enthusiasts. Gold Coast is a fully modern city offering 60 km of pristine beaches, theme parks, nature preserves, ample night life, world class golf courses, and over 500 restaurants. It is located in South East Queensland some 90 km south of the capital city of Brisbane and boasts sunny, subtropic weather conditions, with mild winter temperatures and warm, humid summers.

The weather conditions and the lush vegitation in the surrounding region makes Gold Coast and outdoorsman’s dream location

Beach and Waves

Gold Coast is home to some of the most well known surf breaks in the world. Some of the best point breaks can be found at The Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck Beach and Palm Beach, which can see massive swells when stormy weather conditions are about. Normal swells are around 2 feet, which is ideal for the beginning and still enjoyable for the master.

Snapper Rocks Superbank is home to the longest recorded ridable waves in the world, often frequented by world class surfers. A novice may have better luck catching a wave at one of the Gold Coasts ofther point breaks. Even without a surfboard these beaches offer a fantastic opportunity for scenic enjoyment, sailing kites, or just hanging out with family and friends, new and old.

Treking and Exploring

Gold Coast is one of the most ecologically diverse regions to be found in all of Austrailia. There are numerous nature preserves, national parks and one of the largest subtropic rainforest in the world to entice the traveller out for exploration.

The world’s largest valcanic caldera is located amidst this lush countryside along with some 300 km of walking trails in the Hinterland. Springbrook, Tamborine and Lamington National Parks all feature many miles of maintained hiking trails, leading the treker through some of the most amazing vistas imaginable. Waterfalls are plentiful in the region, for a breathtaking outdoor experience.

Nightlife and Festivals

There is certainly no shortage of nightlife in the area. Gold Coast hosts a different concert or festival every month so every night feels like a weekend. The festivals include such events as “Schoolies” a celebration of 12 year students who’ve completed their secondary education; The Gold Coast 600, a three day celebration of motoring, parades, concerts and parties; the Eisteddfod, Australia’s largest music, dance, drama and speech festival.

Along with the festivals there are six theme parks located in Gold Coast for thrill seekers. Whether it is roller coaster mania, to be found at Dreamworld and Movieworld, or a little water action, to be found at Wet n’ Wild and White Water World, there are thrills and chills for young and old alike.


Dining in Gold Coast offers nothing if not variety. Whether you are intersted in the heady atmosphere of the surfer pubs and bistros or are looking for a little more elegant ambiance, Gold Coast in Queensland has it. The culinary delights range from Thai, Japanese, Indian, Greek and Italian, to seafood and modern Austrailian cuisine, which boast of a huge variety of interntional influences.

The international culture, and the booming tourism industry of Gold Coast demand such varied cuisine and Gold Coast has certainly put her best foot forward.

Gold Coast, Queensland offers a truly destination vacation. No matter what you desire, chances are you can find it here. As a fully modern city, with beautiful skyscrapers and the luxury of modern hosting capabilities, Gold Coast offers entertainment, activities, exquisite dining opportunities, incedible beaches, treking and anything else that could be desired to make an unforgettable vacation experience.