Popular Tourism Destinations — Sydney and Melbourne

Australia is a country filled with sweeping hills and beautiful tropical forests, glistening waters and exotic fruits. It is a land filled with sights to see and such rich cultural heritage that it would take a person weeks just to get through the start of it. Australia is home to more than just kangaroos and beautiful beaches, though both of these are certainly sights to see.

It’s also home to the Opera House in Sydney, a building that is known around the world by sight alone, as well as many other beautiful creations. To say that Australia, as a country, has a lot to offer would be an understatement. This is a country that, while small, certainly stands out as one of the most wonderful in the world.


The most populated city in Australia is Sydney, which was also where Australia as the world knows it got its start. As of 2010, Sydney is ranked as one of the top ten livable cities from around the world. It’s also known as one of the most fashionable cities on the globe. Sydney is a city that has almost everything that a person could want in a city.

From it’s beautiful beaches to its world famous art galleries, this is a city that has something for everyone. The iconic Sydney Opera House building is home to both the Sydney Symphony and the Opera Australia. Take a walk through the city’s downtown area and explore the shops and restaurants around the harbor or even enjoy the yacht races that are common in the city.

The view from the bay is breathtaking and the cultural events that can be found almost weekly help to draw all of Sydney together as a vibrant, well loved, and complete city. It’s a home to those who live there and to those who visit it on occasion because Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it welcomes everyone.


If Sydney is the birthplace of the Australia of today, then Melbourne is the birthplace of Australia in general. This is the city that has created all of the things that make Australia what it is from film to television to football and even dance styles! In 2011, it was ranked as the world’s most livable city, beating out fellow large Australian city, Sydney. In addition to it being the home of the film and television industry in Australia, Melbourne is also home to the Victorian Arts Center which performs plays and other forms of theatre.

For an interesting and unique experience in Melbourne, look no further than the rooftops of the city’s buildings. A large rooftop life is incredibly popular in this city. During the summer, all sorts of activities are rolled out on the rooftops and this creates a very unique atmosphere. Enjoy wine tastings at the many vineyards that stretch out among the countryside and take a swim in the breathtaking oceans surrounding Australia.

As One: The Two Big Cities and Their Country

What started out as a British colony has grown into the country of Australia with breathtaking scenery, an exciting and unique culture of its own, and a self-sustaining island paradise that all comes together to create a perfect get away for anyone who enjoys going new places.

Both the cities of Sydney and Melbourne are home to exactly what creates the country, from it’s economy located in Sydney to its fashion and art industries located in Melbourne, it’s easy to see how these two cities form the majority of what this beautiful country is.